On the midway on the philosophy, physics, physiology, Varipon Institute offer the innovative data-driven science in Ethology and Anthropology as well as the revolutionary rapid development framework.
Knowledge Working :


Familiar with the following studies :
 - Sculpting / Modeling
 - Automaton / Automation
 - Horology / Astrobiology
 - Mechanics (Biomechanics, Fluid mechanics, Continuum mechanics)
 - Global environmental health & sustainability
 - Collective consciousness / Behavioural science

Integration  :


« Exercise-based Neurorehabilitation for Immune function enhancement, Perceptual and Motor Skills enhancement using Simulated reality.»
« Artificial animal, High mobility Animal type autonomous vehicles for land, sea, sky and space. »
« Automatic artificial prosthetic limbs. Swarm intelligence. Communication method with natural animals. »



The next generation of da Vinci :


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The internal power


It seem like that the dualism that A-L Breguet have mentioned in his essay perhaps got inspiration from that of...

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Abraham-Louis Breguet explique que tous les mouvements des matières inanimées et de ceux qu’exercent tous les corps...

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Ilya Prigogine: Du dualisme au système de non-équilibre, jusqu'à la théorie de la structure dissipative (française, sous-titres espagnols)

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Taoism explain What happens to the soul after death. The spirit may be developed sufficiently to retain integrity and...

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"Essai sur la force animale, et sur le principe du mouvement volontaire" - Abraham Louis Breguet (1811) "... car cette...

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A Swiss horologist who was overlooking the whole universe, has provided two hundred years ago a new philosophy to...

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I found an interesting topic in reddit. Ilya Prigogine told in his book "Order out of Chaos" a book on chaos theory and...

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Les faiseurs de secret dans le Jura qui sont possible de guérir ou de soulager bon nombre de maladies et blessures...

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« ... The Earth was no longer intimately connected to the life of our own body, instead it became an object that could...

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